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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Community Matters - Relevant Magazine

Why Community Matters - Relevant Magazine

I just did a series of talks on community.  Here is an insightful article I just came across.  It is worth the 5 minutes to read and consider.  I especially like (and, at the same don't like!) this quote:  

"Author and pastor Kevin Miller says: “If [the church] isn't hard, then that's a sign you probably haven't entered deeply enough into community. Because God's deepest work in us is to teach us how to love. And love doesn't mean much until it's tested by someone who is cranky, narrow-minded, bigoted, critical and harsh.” The body of Christ has a special role to call us out of introspection, selfishness and bitterness to live as Christ intends for us."

I want the church to function perfectly.  But, opps! I'm here!  Ain't gonna happen.

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