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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seeing God in Psalm 4

When Daniel Henderson was at CSCC the end of October leading us in a renewal of our prayer focus, he presented a model for an approach to prayer.  His philosophy is that prayer should be Scripture-fed, Spirit-led and Worship-based.  We can do that when we pray the scriptures back to God through Reverence (upward focus), Response (downward focus), Request (inward focus) and Readiness (outward focus).
As the staff has been praying together, we have been taking a Psalm each week and following this approach to guide our prayers.  The time has been rich and meaningful.
As I have focused on the Reverence of God in Psalm 4, here are some of what I have prayed back to God: 
Thank you God that you hear my prayers, that when I call out to you, you answer me.  When I am struggling and in need of comfort, you give me relief.
Lord thank you that those who seek you aren't neglected by you, that you have set us apart and you are attentive to our needs.
Thank you that I can be angry and troubled with life but it does not have to destroy me or others.  When I experience these challenges it is yet again another chance to trust you more deeply.
Loving Father it is good to know that the source of my joy is not in myself, not in my situation, not in my circumstances, not in my possessions but my joy is to be found in you.  Your face is a shining light in the darkness of despair!
My Protector, thank you that there is peace to be found;  that no matter the turmoil of life, the struggles and disappointments I can find peace when I rest in you.  In your arms I am safe and there is no other place I could be more secure.
 If you are looking to jump-start your prayer life, if it has gotten cold or stale then I would challenge you to begin in Psalm 1 and begin to pray back to God his Word.  It will renew your heart and fan your passion for God.  And even better yet, find a friend to pray with – "…two are better than one.  A cord of three strands is not easily broken."
May you be filled up this holiday with the fullness of God!  (Turkey doesn't last very long!) 
Peace and grace, 

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