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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Redeemer's Church Meeting On Multisite Models of Ministry

The intent and desire of God's work in the world can be found in God's
command to Adam and Eve: be fruitful and multiply.

When we are blessed, we begin to bear fruit. John 15 says that deep
connection with Jesus (branches connected to the vine) will result in
eternal fruit. What fruit lasts forever? Changed, transformed lives
who are living a life of faith in Jesus.

That is what the church is called to be - the messenger of
transformation. We are to invest in the things that last.

Randy and I are in Reedley being flies on the wall as this church
wrestles with how to take their next step of investing in fruit that
lasts and expanding their Kingdom influence in this area. As we watch
them, we are listening to what God would say in bow we can invest in
growing God's Kingdom in our community.

Don't forget God's grace is bigger than anything you will face today!
Peace. David Cooke

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