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Friday, February 5, 2010

Kill The Leaders

I was scrolling through the headlines on my laptop early Tuesday morning, waiting for my plane to leave when I noticed a news story about a new offensive going on in the Middle East against one of the groups wreaking havoc on their people. It was a military offensive and the objective was simple and clear - capture or kill the leaders.

It got me thinking about leaders and war and strategy and God. And here is what struck me: If you want to stop a movement, a church, a family, a business or a ministry, take out the leader. No, not date the leader, take 'em out like capture him or kill him. You do that, everything will come to a grinding halt, chaos will ensue and eventually you will win.

I was sharing this thought with a friend of mine and he told me about a story he had read in a John Maxwell book that illustrated the point. According to my friend, according to a Maxwell book (which, as you know, are irrefutable) George Washington found himself outnumbered and surrounded at a particular time in the American Revolution. So, he called his best shooters together and told them to ignore the infantry and aim for the officers. Don't waste bullets on the ground troops, take out the leaders. They did and three days later the British surrendered.

Most of us are leaders in more arenas than we realize. And the thing about leadership that is critical to understand is, you're wearing a target and someone is trying to take you out.

Now, before you think ol' David is going all paranoid on you, it would be good to open your Bible and check out if I'm on to something here. Look at John 10:10. What does the thief (Satan) do? Kills and destroys. Now go to 1 Peter 5:8. What's going on? Your adversary is looking for someone to devour. Look at Ephesians 6:11-13,16. It is a battle you and I are in and our adversary wants to take us out.

Here is the good thing though. Someone has your back. First off, Jesus said he has your back and he will strengthen and protect you. (Hebrews 13:5) But there is someone else who should have your back, too. That is your fellow brothers and sisters of the faith. (1 Peter 1:22) What a wonderful place this would be if we vigorously defended each other!

So if you are committed to leading your marriage or leading your family or leading your church or leading your business or leading your community don't be shocked when the bullets start flying. You are in a battle and the enemy wants to take you out. In the midst of that battle don't ever forget that have the greatest warrior on our side and that is God himself. (Jeremiah 20:11-12)

In the midst of your battle, don't forget there is someone close to you who needs you to cover his back as well. (1 Peter 4:12-13)


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ET said...

Well put. It's easy to take for granted those who are in my corner... but how privileged I am to be surrounded by them. Steve and I got your back too bro.