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Monday, December 3, 2007

One Tough Cookie

A very cool thing happened on Sunday.  While I was getting all emotional at church my lovely bride was running the California International Marathon.  Pam had the goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon (a time of under 4 hours for her age group qualifies you).  Three hours, fifty-eight minutes and fifty-four seconds after starting Pam crossed the finish line!  Way to go babe!  Let's just call her "One Tough Cookie"!!  

(That is Pam doing the Tahoe Marathon and Noah, our son encouraging her on.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor David I attend Cold Springs Church and am finding it very hard to get involved and know the members of the church while I feel like my kids and i fit and belong there i feel that here is some unpersonal aspects of it here That is something i really loved about my old church there were many ways to get involved and be part of the prayer team and or the choir we had weekly dinners for any ne that wanted to attend and our pastor was very approachable to me as a baby christian I love our church and feel very blessed that we have such an amazing youth program it is a true answer to prayers for my chldren specially boys to men group my oldest son is stuggeling not having a dad in his life and that group is helping him have an avenue to learn from positive male role models that love God

batmanforehead said...

Sorry to hear that it has been difficult to get connected. That is something that is really important to us and we are working at how we can do that better. It would be great if you could e-mail or talk to Esther Tress. She is someone who is helping us try and do this better. Your feedback and insights could really be helpful in better reaching out to you and others who may have similar experiences. We can only get better by working together. Thank you for letting us know, please take the next step so we can be a better church.

et said...

Dear Anonymous,
I would love the opportunity to dialogue with you. My email is I appreciate your honest sentiments and the courage it takes to express them.