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Monday, December 3, 2007

Gettin' All Emotional

I just had someone call and ask if I was OK.  (Thanks Pete!)  He was a little worried because Sunday I was a little on the emotional side and was concerned that there might be some challenges going on.  It's great to be loved, I'll tell you that.

Yep, I was a little emotional at church on Sunday.  What I was talking about was pretty close to my heart, this whole idea of keeping people at the middle of the frame.  (If you didn't hear the talk you can get it off the church website,   A lot of times the "church" can get knocked for being too focused on programs and buildings.  Some of it is true.  I have to be honest, pastor's can get into the trap of measuring their value, success, impact, etc by the size of their budget and their buildings.  Part of it can be because many other people measure them that way.  I digress.  

But really, if you take the time to delve into their heart, I will bet it bleeds for people.  That people would know Jesus.  That people would love Jesus.  That people would experience Jesus.  That people would be healed, changed, grow up, settle down, find hope, lose despair, experience faith, choose wisdom.  People.  That is what they care about.  It is what I care about.

Back to Sunday.  I was sharing about people and about eternity.  What makes a difference in forever?  It is people.  And the question I wrestle with is... "How can we help more people experience eternity?"  I get emotional about that and it chokes me up.

Another thing that played a part in it was I was at the end of a five day fast.  I strongly sensed that God was inviting me to fast and pray for five days so from Wednesday through Sunday I spent significantly more time before Jesus in prayer, reading, meditation and contemplation.  So, I also believe that the talk on Sunday had God's fingerprint upon it.  

In my journaling this morning, this is what I wrote about my time of fasting:  

“In thinking about [my fasting] today, the big thing would be God’s sustaining power, that is the lesson.  When I didn’t have food, God sustained my strength.  When I didn’t have emotional reserves, God came and made up for it.  When I struggled to find the message, the ideas, the creativity, God gave me those things at the time of need.”

Jesus needs to touch our whole life.  Heart, soul, mind and strength.  For someone who isn't highly emotional (ask my wife), that is a tough thing for me to allow at times.  And as a Pastor, I really want people to go beyond just thinking Christian, but acting Christ-like and feeling Christ-like.

A Prayer

Creator of our whole being, awaken in us a hunger that will only be filled by you, a thirst that would be unquenchable except by finding your living water.  Creator, create in us longings that find their fulfillment and peace in you.  Open our eyes to see you everywhere you are.  AMEN


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being brave enough and vulnerable enough to lead us by example as we engage our entire selves more and more with Jesus and others.

Life seems to come down to the immediate step we are taking that ultimately leads to all of eternity!

That's somewhat heavy- in a good way.


Anonymous said...

ok, i know i posted a comment yesterday... but oh well...

it was something to the effect that your courageous vulnerability in leading us by example to engage with Jesus more and more is appreciated...

and something about life being about the immediate step we're taking that ultimately leads to eternity... or some other deep thoughts

(this is why i don't have a blog of my own- there's too many people i need to listen to before i speak-er- write)!