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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Reasonable Faith? A Faith Discovered Through Love

            Have you ever thought about your life as being an intricately woven tapestry?  The longer we live, the more experiences we have, the more people we encounter and each of those experiences and relationships are a colored thread woven together making up the story of our life.
            I recently read the story of a father and son who were out snowmobiling in the Sierra mountains.  Dad wrecked his snowmobile into a tree and badly broke his femur.  His son had to leave his Dad, drive numerous miles to get help and then lead the rescue party back to his Dad.  When I read the story all I could think about was what a defining moment for that young boy.  There is an experience and story that will never be forgotten!  There is a significant thread in his life that will shape his future.
            Think about your life.  What are the major threads – the experiences and relationships – that have been woven together to make your story?  Who are the important people that are the threads holding everything together?  What are the colors of the threads?  The dark threads represent the hard things and painful relationships.  The bright threads represent the joys of life.  Each is necessary to weave the picture God is making.

            The Apostle John tells us there is another weaving taking place in our lives.  It is a weaving of divine love for you and your response to that love. 
Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and manifest myself to him.”  (John 14:21)
One of the threads is you.  You become part of the weave has you pay attention to the commands of God and follow them.  This is how you weave your life to the life of Christ.  Another thread is God the Father.  His thread is woven into our thread when we love what he loves – Jesus.  The final thread is Jesus.  He weaves his thread back into our lives as we love him. 
God will not force himself into any tapestry.  Jesus will not force his thread to be woven with ours.  He stands waiting, willing, longing to be woven into our lives but he must be invited.  That is the first act of faith, to simply say “Yes” to Jesus’ thread.  As we keep his commandments we show the evidence of our love for Jesus.
Where is Jesus waiting to be invited into your tapestry?  Is there a fear you are facing?  A stronghold you seek to overcome?  Are there wonderful things taking place in your life?  Jesus wants to be woven in.  He only waits for your invitation.

Peace and grace,

A Prayer of Invitation:  Dear Jesus, I invite you to be part of all that is happening in my life.  I pray your thread and the Father’s thread of divine love will be woven into all I do, all I am.  I don’t always understand this but open my eyes to see you and the Father’s love in my life.  Amen

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