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Monday, December 23, 2013

The One Thing

            What’s your “One Thing” that is most important for you to accomplish in the coming year?  If you don’t have something, everybody around you certainly does.  The beauty of life is we get to make a lot of choices.  And those choices we make will shape our future.  We don’t always get our choices right but if we make enough in the right direction, good things begin to happen.
            Back to the “One Thing.”  What can you do in the coming year that will have the potential for the greatest positive impact on your life?  Let me make a suggestion – something you may not have thought of.  What if you started reading your Bible consistently, regularly, faithfully?
            Studies have been done over and over finding that one of the most important disciplines we can engage in is consistently reading the Bible.  This one discipline is often the determination between a stagnant, dying faith and a growing, vibrant faith.  We need the other spiritual practices of community, prayer, generosity and service as well for a deepening life with Jesus but reading the scriptures feeds these other disciplines.  Never before has the Bible been more available and more accessible than this time in history.  The Bible is available in most languages, it is instantly downloadable to your iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle.  And, oh yeah, it is even available on paper!
            Here is my wish for you:  2014 would be the year you would discover the beauty, depth, wonder and mystery of God through his Word.
            On my “One Thing” list is to be more connected to God’s Word and I want to invite you to join me by reading with me.  Modern technology makes it so simple and accessible.
Here’s my invitation to you – join me in reading the Bible together this year through the Faithlife Study Bible.  It is a free app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle.  Also, you can get it on your computer for free.
To find the apps for your smartphone or portable reader and to sign up on your computer, go to this link:  You’ll have to sign up for an account (really, it’s free!) and then you will need to join the “Cold Springs Community Church” group.  When you do, you’ll be connected to the various reading programs we will be doing together.
No matter what your “One Thing” is, here is the only way it is going to happen for you:  You have to be crystal clear on What, When and Where.
What do you want to do/accomplish specifically?  If you can clearly know if you have succeeded or failed you have it nailed.
When are you going to do it, specifically?  Times, days and dates make a difference.
Where are you going to do it, specifically?  This may seem a bit strange at first but think about it and try it. 
One of the choices we get to make is to not make a choice.  Then life just happens to us.  My prayer is you will make a choice for something and God will bless you deeply as you pursue him.
Grace and Peace,


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