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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Family Does Adventure

Until this past summer, few in the church knew how good I am at soaking others with a bucket of water.  It is no small skill to scoop the right amount of water from the American River with a five gallon bucket and fling it 30 feet away at an approaching (or escaping!) raft of people.  I was so proficient, I gained a reputation.  To be honest, it was a reputation for being obnoxious – but connected to a specific skill!
            The trip was an adventure we had planned for Cold Springs Church with a local adventure ministry, Rock n Water.  About 25 people joined in the fun and had a great day rafting the American River, getting to know one another better and building relationship.  (If you missed it, we will be doing it again next year!)
            Adventures build memories.  Positive memories deepen relationships because a new story is created.  If you want to deepen your relationships, if you want to strengthen your family, do adventure together.
            This is one of those things where you won’t find a Bible verse that says, “Thou shalt create experiences to bond your hearts together.”  But it is something you see described throughout the Bible.  David and Jonathan had a deep friendship borne of life together.  David had a group of mighty men – his closest warriors – that sat around telling stories of the crazy things they did for each other.  (Take a look at 2 Samuel 23)  Naomi and Ruth shared a deep mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship born of tragedy and blessings.  Paul and Timothy shared a special bond because of their life experiences.  Paul, Barnabas and John Mark went through challenge, defeat, restoration and partnership through their experiences.  And, one of the most obvious examples was the three years of life together experienced by Jesus and his twelve closest disciples.  Engaging in shared experiences builds deeper relationships.
            If you want to deepen the relationships in your family, if you want to create bonds that will endure the test of time then you need to intentionally create experiences that will build memories.  You need to have adventures!
            So, put away the iPad, iPhone, Android, TV and computer.  Take a drive, go for a walk, skip rocks, play golf, eat great food, swim a river, get on a rowboat, go fishing, go hunting, take a road trip, sleep out in a tent, build a snow fort, climb a tree, go geocaching, run a marathon, ride a bike, go someplace new…together.

Living the adventure and loving it!

Peace and grace,


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