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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Question for You - Please Respond

Hey - I'm going to do a teaching series on having a connected, meaningful marriage and family.  The series will start after Easter and I need some feedback about what it is that you are interested in hearing a Biblical perspective regarding marriage and family.  Pam is going to teach with me so you will get the guys and gals perspective.  Here are some of the issues that are on the radar:
  • communication
  • finances
  • sex
  • what guys need
  • what women need
  • the seasons of a marriage
  • the seasons of a family
  • growing together spiritually
  • roles
  • leaving baggage behind
What other things are you interested in being addressed?  What things are most relevant to you?

Just so you know, you can respond to this as "anonymous" and I won't have any idea who you are, if you so desire.  Comments are monitored by me before they are posted, as well.

Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

My marriage is perfect!!so I have no need for this series. I'll sleep in.
Don't know what I will do for home group series.

Seriously, much of what you have would not appear to be for more mature marriages, and I can understand why. Do you plan to deal with more mature marriages, like 30 years plus? I can understand how that could be boring to younger people.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I would say that my marriage is very strong.....but perfect? I don't know about that. I feel extremely lucky to have my husband. But, yeah, there is room for improvement. I find that this series will be very helpful to us and many. Personally, I find most room for improvement in my court. However, sex is my main complaint about my husband from me. He never iniciates sex. I feel unwanted and ugly. Exclude "health" reasons. I think I've said enough on that issue.
Basically, I'd like to hear about intimacy,roles, what women need and, not necessarily communication but, applying that communication.

Anonymous said...

I have a perfect marriage also. Do you want me to teach this stuff for you? That's a scarry thought.......


Anonymous said...

What does the LORD have to say directly to us about marriage? What is it that HE would say to us? My prayer is that we would not seek the "friendly" message, but the TRUE message. PLEASE seek HIS will...........may the LORD bless your ministry and cause his face to shine upon you and the church!

Your friend.....

JM said...

I think the idea of this series is awesome. Maybe you could add acomedy a husband and wife. That would be great!


Anonymous said...

I have yet to be in a fellowship where the teaching of Deuteronomy 6 is taught as in parents teaching their children. Most of the time it seems to be accepted that this done by "the church"...sub-contracted, if you will to the Sunday School teacher, the youth pastor, etc. Many parents are relieved that they can be without their children or feel that someone can better relate spiritual truths than they. However parents are clearly instructed to "diligently teach to your sons and about them when you sit in your house and when walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up." Parents spend more time worry about their children's homework and sports schedules and games than their spiritual training at home! Perhaps this is what will be addressed in "growing spiritually together?"